Saturday, January 7, 2012


I started my resolutions early...and they are not really resolutions, but more so just things that I feel I have always done, in some capacity, and now will do more of. Other things are more along the lines of daring myself against who I was and pushing myself further away from what everyone, including myself, thought I was to what I really am underneath all that armor.
You will not understand them all and you should not try to.

1. I no longer eat ice cream [except on my birthday. Ahem, giant ice cream cake, por favor]
2. I let myself be scared; i.e. ghost stories...not quite ready for all those freaky exorcism movies.
3. I do not let my addictive personality indulge
                         no smoking (not even after three jack and gingerales)
                         no excessive drinking like I am still 19
                         no using charm for bad...*fair warning* this will probably be the one I break
4. Read more...psht, no problemo, looking at six new books right now.
5. Actually learn about those things that college is really know, unless you are a Cell Biology and Neuroscience major. Again, my book pile consists of:
                         Edith Hamilton's Mythology
                         French Grammar Guide
                         Idiot's Guide to French (these books are actually helpful...)
                         Religion in America
                         World Religion
                         My Life in France by Julia Child
6. My FAVORITE "resolution" is to learn about ALL OF THE WORLD'S RELIGIONS. Like know as much as possible.
7. SECOND BEST; be fluent in French by December 2012
8. Visit Paris again by my 24th birthday.
9. To learn to be alone and not feel the need to take care of someone who does not know how to wipe away your tears when you are hurt.
10. This one has not made the list since I was a little girl, but what the heck; I actually believe in true love again so...
                          To find the one who loves me the way I am and does not want anything     different than who I am but who also makes me want to change the world for him <3
                           This one is most assuredly not marked for completion until 2015 or so :)